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by Oren Yagev

18/07/2005 - jSudoku Version 1.3 is here!!!
    Jar file - Suitable of all Operating Systms.
    Launch from command line: java -jar jSudoku-1.3.jar
    Attention: Do not try to Decompress this file. It's not zipped!
    Executable file - Only for Windows.
    Source Code and previous versions are availabe here.

18/07/2005 - jSudoku Version 1.3 is available.

        * Problem with puzzle builder caused the creation of unsolvable puzzle - fixed.

13/07/2005 - jSudoku Version 1.2 is available.
    * Numbers selection using Keyboard.

12/07/2005 - jSudoku Version 1.1 is available.
    * Difficulty Selection available.
    * Check results now appear on the main window.

Notice: You will need Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer.
JVM is available for free download in www.java.com

Contact: oyagev@gmail.com

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